Satisfied Clients

"I surely appreciated the professionalism and kindness of your staff in trying to assist us." - Beverly

"We found your honest opinion and thoughts very helpful and helped us to gain enough information about certain areas of the city and have given us a good insight to the renting possibilities." - Szilvia

"A warm thanks for your support when we were looking to rent an apartment in Moscow. Marianna was very keen to help us and we appreciate her strong dedication on that matter. She has spared no effort to find the best solution for us, and it has allowed us to make a prompt choice."  - Nicolas

„A good and reliable Real Estate partner....professional team and client oriented specialists. At Home Moscow…has been assisting us in the process of home search and further contract negotiation…We have received true and complete information about Moscow Real Estate market.”
- Marina, Expatriate Coordinator

„Since 2006, we…are getting good services from AT HOME. We are very happy to get their services from the beginning of our business activity in Hungary. They are one of the best companies in Hungary.”
- Yasuhisa, Expatriate Coordinator

„Dear Daniella!
Nice meeting you on Saturday and thank you for excellent service!
Actually I noticed just how excellent it was on Sunday when I met another less prepared agent.”

„I will stick At-home as single agent in any case. You know, you and Daniella know exactly what kind of house I'm looking for. I promise I 'll get back to you as soon as I could be in a position to predict my rental closing date in Germany even before visiting Budapest again.”

"This is Kjell, Rachel's husband. Thank you very much for your email and excellent service to my wife while she was in Budapest last week." – 
- Kjell Lauvik

"...We appreciated your help very much and would have really liked to make the contract with you. You are a very proficient and friendly agent. " - Axel

"Dear Leaders, Through my 40 years teaching practice (students in high school and college) I met many type of youths, but I was lucky because they were mostly well – mannered. But in the business life there are many mannerless and unpolite people. Your copmany is an excepction becouse it is the „island of peace”, that what I realised when I was visited your company. The Agent ladies were very nice and polite with me like cilent and that is also not usual if they answered my resignation in nice words. So all your employees deserv the honorable mention! Whishing all the best for you, your sincerely"
G.Lászlóné, owner, Hungary

"I am very satisfied with the company, they represented me excelently through out the negotiations."
Christina, owner, Ireland

"They are professionals, they did not take my time unnecessearily with showing me properties that do not meet my requirements."
John D., client, England

"Hi Aniko - now i feel really bad for not having written to you and to thank you and the team for all your hard efforts. Both gentlemen seem well settled and feel very well in thier new home. Many thanks for all your work."
Dustin, contact person

"Thank you for your kind coordination and spending long time for me. I was able to choose good flat by your good suggestion and kind support. And also I will be able to make a good relationship with the owner for the future."
Yanaga-san, client, Japan

"...from that many agencies, At Home did it! Appreciate."
Kim, client, Korea

"Thank you for all the assistance you have given us these past four years. We couldn't have had a better landlord!"
Linda and Dave, clients, U.S.A.

"We are really enjoying the apartment, it feels like home."
Susan and William, clients, U.S.A.

"Dear Trixie, We are delighted that you have found a tenant - excellent work!"
Lisa, owner, U.K.

"You were excellent and very helpful and will be in touch again in May before we come over to Budapest again to search."
Andrew, client, England


"...We just wanted to let you know how helpful your employees Trixie and Judit were to us.... ...Both Trixie and Judit were extremely friendly and professional with excellent English skills and we are so happy to have had their help. Please give them our regards and we hope that we have a chance to see them...."
The Doyle family, Canada

"A great team! It was a pleasure to work with them, and they look good too."
Douglas, client, Ireland

"My wife and I had a very productive day with your team member, Viktoria. I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for your team’s support thus far and to give you very positive feedback on Viktoria. I can say that Viktoria was very helpful prior to the visit in sending us revised offers based on our feedback. And today she tirelessly took us all over the hills of Buda to visit properties and managed the logistics seamlessly. She was prepared, professional, and very effective. Thanks for providing us with such great support and such a positive person for our visit to Budapest. Thanks to you and the At Home team for the great service." - Jake, U.S.