FAQ about property rental

1. Is the rental fee negotiable?

Usually yes. Approximately 10-15% can be negotiated from the original asking price.

The length of the lease period will also affect the negotiation. For an at least 2-year-contract you can get a really good price for the property.

2. What does the rental fee include?

It includes all the taxes.

3. Are there any additional costs to the rent?

Yes. Utility fees, such as gas, heating, water, hot water, electricity, sewage, Internet, telephone, TV service charges are not included in the rental fee. In case of apartments in any condominiums, also the common costs will come on top the rental fee. The common cost usually includes the following fees: garbage disposal, cleaning of the common areas, maintenance of the elevator, lightning of the common areas of the house, (gardener).

4. How will I know how much I will have to pay?

All the properties are equipped with individual electricity and gas meters (and in the newly built houses you will find the calorie meters, and hot water meters as well). The stands of the meters will be noted on entry during the handover. Other services, such as common cost, Internet, cable TV have fixed monthly fees.

5. Can these costs be included in the rent?

In some cases yes. The costs will be added to the rent in this case. Please note, that because of the tax issues not all the owners will accept such payment.

6. How much is the security deposit?

Usually the security deposit is an amount of two months rent. In case you intend to keep pets in the property, the owner might ask for 3 months rent as deposit.

7. In case I'm relocated before the expiry of the lease, is there any possibility to terminate the contract?

Yes. The lease contract will include the 'Diplomatic Clause' that says you may terminate the contract by giving two months notice to the Lessor in writing prior to the expiry of the term of the contract, if your Hungarian employment terminates.

In that case you should pay 2- month rental fee as an indemnity to the owner.