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If you are thinking of investing in real estate in Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Bratislava or Moscow and find the process confusing, please read our Useful information for buyers.

We're completely flexible and work to your own personal timescale.In a hurry? We're on the move for you. Want to take your time? We'll take a look around with you.

There are several options once you've sold your house: move on, stay for a short period, rent the property back on a long term basis. The choice is yours.

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We can help you find:

  • the most lucrative buy-to-let investment real estate in Budapest with great rental yields
  • buy-to-renovate and new build properties with high capital appreciation
  • second homes

Our services include:

  • Investment consultancy
  • property valuation
  • free viewing tours
  • legal advice

Where to begin?

Property agencies are ready to meet the special needs of non-local buyers, offering a wide range of services, personal assistance in your native tongue or English. You may either choose to fly to Budapest and deal with the matter personally, or stay at home and put them on a retainer (which is only forfeited if you withdraw from the process of your own accord).

Handling these issues personally is always the recommended option. However, we try to make that as easy and hassle-free as possible.

  • Our Team does not depend on other realtors. We actively seek buyers. Potential home buyers are already out there, searching the web our website is impossible to miss. We are the Number One At Home Network website on the web! Successful home sales start with the listing. We always provide a detailed listing.
  • Purchasing real estate can be a stressful experience when you are presented with the bewildering number of agents, options, processes, and terms. We understand. That's why we have brought together every resource you might need, all under one roof. With our help, you'll receive the best impartial advice at every step of the process.

Agents, too, can benefit from our collection of real estate resources. Give your clients peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that every aspect of property acquisition, mortgages for new homes, or refinancing their current homes is in the care of local experts.

Let our expertise give control over your purchasing back to you. Use our agents' resources today to help secure your future.

You might find answers to many of your questions in our FAQ section But if you have any further questions or would like a consultation, please CONTACT US any time and speak to one of our advisers.