Buy to let

Investors need to take a more targeted approach to get maximum return on their money so At Home Network can offer you experience in buy to let market.

We can offer you apartments with excellent investment and rental potential.

We at the At Home Network have an extensive portfolio of buy-to let properties in the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe with the main focus on the fast-developing cities of Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Bratislava and Moscow. We strongly recommend taking the time to browse through our properties and consider investing in this area, as we believe that this type of investment in these regions chave the potential to provide investors with extremely competitive rental yields and very high capital appreciation, thus ensuring a return on your investment that is second to none.

With years of experience in working in the property markets of these countries, we have been able to build up a huge network of contacts in the real-estate market, as well as having had the opportunity to work with and get to know hundreds of experienced professionals such as lawyers, architects and interior designers, meaning that we will always be in a position to help you find the people who can make the difference when you are looking to purchase, maintain and improve a profitable property.

All of our staff are extremely well-trained and knowledgeable about the property market, meaning that they will be able to guide you through the purchasing process and help you deal with all of the tricky parts of property acquisition, from additional finance and where and how to invest your money to the sometimes complicated paperwork and legal matters that one has to deal with when attempting to build one's investment portfolio.

Our real estate managers offer you several properties in all possible investment categories from second hand market to newly built residential property sectors.