Development Projects

The leading market position and key networking potential of our division makes it possible to reach a wide range of clients in Eastern Europe residential sectors. The consulting group aims to optimize the current market position, keeping interests of the clients in mind, by maximizing the value of property, creating the right conditions for acquisition, seeking appropriate financing terms and advising on investment criteria. Our professionals provide dependable investment consulting services to the clients, thanks to their up-to date local and regional market information.

Investment – Related Services:

  • Buyer representation
  • Vendor representation
  • Sale and acquisition
  • Market research
  • Investment analysis
  • Appraisal
  • Sale and leaseback structure

International investment in property abroad has become increasingly popular in recent years, as international travel becomes easier and cheaper to do and interest rates continue to fall, and we at the At Home Network believe that these types of investments have never been easier or more promising in terms of return on investment.

The cities and countries to be found on our website are all considered to be areas that are extremely suitable for investment, and we highly recommend that people interested in investing in property abroad do so in one of these regions, as a combination of affordable housing, increase in tourism and booming economies ripe for further investment make every one of the real-estate markets featured here make them extremely attractive for buyers, both in the short and long term, with capital appreciation expected to continue to increase.

Off Plan Property

The term 'Off-plan property' refers to properties that are either yet to be begun being constructed or properties that are in the process of construction, and encompasses all types of properties, from huge mansions and retail parks to small apartment buildings.

Although it is necessary to investigate any proposed plans thoroughly before deciding to invest in order to ensure that the project will be both successful and profitable, something that we will be most happy to assist you in doing, the potential long-term gains for relatively little investment are generally higher than any other type of investment, meaning that anyone interested in obtaining the highest possible return on any capital they are looking to invest should browse our website and contact us as soon as possible in order to begin the purchasing process.

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