Information for property owners

Presenting the property

Knowing the features and attributes of a property is important, but knowing the potential customer is essential when presenting the property. Our agents aim to achieve a comprehensive knowledge of the property, as well as the extensive knowledge of our clients' tastes, needs and requirements. Due to possibility that a novice landlord may unwittingly share disadvantageous information with a potential client, perhaps it is best to avoid direct communication and rely on the agent solely. Seating the client, offering a drink and asking for their opinion is under no circumstances advised. Remember, our colleagues speak a variety of foreign languages, attend various nationalities and we are largely committed to enhancing your chances of letting or selling your property. Should you particularly wish to share a piece of information pertaining to the property with the potential client, please ask the agent's opinion beforehand. Furthermore, you are advised to arrive at the property 20 minutes ahead of time, to avoid the inconvenience of the client having to wait.

In the meantime the following actions are recommended:

  • Arrange things so that the property is well lit
  • Throw away any unnecessary garbage
  • Open windows to let fresh air in
  • Check water sealing to avoid odours
  • Check the temperature
  • All in all, have a pleasant environment

Always show important bits of the estate first. It is expedient to show bits in the following order:

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Those remaining


Always have a positive attitude and avoid giving forth any judgments throughout the whole process of negotiating. Take into account that our client comes from a different environment and cultural background. Therefore s/he may have needs and habits which could seem strange to you. Any discussion regarding these needs and habits ought to be left to the agent. Keep in mind that our tenants are usually comfortable financially and are therefore used to quality. It is usually better to grant their needs.

After having checked all the main areas mentioned above it is important to pay great attention to details, modifying them later is rarely possible. Any matter of importance shall, at this point, be included in the contract. Up-to-date documents, for example the ownership document, a list of furniture, and - in the case of companies - the authorization of signing, is of exceptional importance.