At Home Destination Services

Finding a place to live for employees is just the tip of the iceberg. At Home provides a completely personalized relocation service wherever we have a presence. This means you can get on with running your business instead of running around town.

We help our clients to integrate quickly and comfortably into their new community, guiding them through the relocation process.

Our service frees new arrivals from the headaches of relocation, leaving them to concentrate on their job and their family, thus increasing the likelihood of a successful relocation.

We offer:

  • Airport Pick-up Service
  • Short Term Accommodation
  • Area Orientation
  • Home Searches
  • Help in finding Schools & Kindergartens
  • Help in finding Language Courses
  • Help in arranging Health Care
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Services
  • Departure Services

With the right presentation, properties really do sell quicker, and can actually appreciate in value. You only have one shot at impressing most potential customers, so make it count. Time spent preparing the property for viewing will be repaid in faster sales and higher offers.

We're accustomed to seeing our own homes through the eyes of potential buyers, and can easily overlook their faults. So it is important to imagine how potential buyers will see it, and make sure that we make it a place they will want to live in.

We offer impartial advice on the presentation of your property and can help you to achieve a quick sale. We will be the ruthless friend who advises you to tidy away clutter, suggests where to repair signs of wear and tear or carry out necessary redecorating work. The friend who gives ideas for dressing the property, and demonstrates how to hold a viewing, or even does it for you.

Many homebuyers decide whether or not to view a property based on its external appearance. We can help make sure they do come in and view it by showing you how to make the outside inviting.

At Home Network's comprehensive range of destination services can be tailored to support every need, whether you are moving an international or dealing with just one individual or family making a life-changing move.

At Home Network's consultants will help you choose the programme that suits your requirements.

Prior visit Management and Orientation

At Home Network recommends a short visit prior to the move, so that the family can experience their new city before making a final commitment to relocate.

The Orientation provides first-hand insight into the new neighbourhood and provides a forum for any final issues to be resolved and anxieties allayed.