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Easter traditions in Hungary
Easter in Hungary is a vibrant tapestry of customs steeped in the essence of spring and renewal. Here, we invite you to delve into...
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Real estate photography – but how?
How should we take good photos of our property?
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Furnished or Unfurnished?
How should you furnish your property?
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Finding Home Near International Schools: A Guide for Expats Moving to Budapest
Tips for finding a home near international schools
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Properties of the month: Buda's two panoramic gems
We would like to present two properties in Buda that can be the dream of any buyer or tenant with a large family.
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What will happen to the real estate market in 2023?
What changes can be expected in terms of real estate prices? What can owners and buyers expect?
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What You Need To Know About Smart Appliances
The integration of smart technology in everyday household appliances has become increasingly prevalent as technology advances.
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What will happen to the expat market in 2023?
What real estate price changes can be expected this year? How does the current economic situation affect the expat real estate market?
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Create a real Christmas atmosphere in your new home: the magic of scents and lights
At a new home, where we have never spent the holidays before, doesn't necessarily have the Christmas atmosphere we want right away.