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Old-styled but not forgettable
If you visit Vienna at first time, you will be definitely amazed by the style of the buildings.
Property of the Season
Property of the season - Summer 2017
In the 12th district of Budapest, this elegant highly recommended apartment for rent is worthy to be called property of the month
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Cultural tips in Prague
If you have ever wondered how to behave in a Prague as an outsider, you surely thought over some of the following points.
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Summer in Vienna
This summer offers various outstanding programs for all generations for both Austrian inhabitants and visitors.
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Prague – Must see sights
Every old, historical town has its own style.
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Bratislava – local attractions
Bratislava is one of the most beautiful and historically significant cities.
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Latest trends: What’s new on Prague’s property market?
Prague is one of the most amazing capitals in Europe.
Property of the Season
Property of the season - Spring 2017
We were eager to know which property among our listings is worthy to be named the best when the...