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Let's take a bath
Budapest is famous for its monuments, its bridges, but also for its unique baths, attached to the Hungarian lifestyle. Overview
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How to set the asking price?
It's important to set the right asking price for your home right out of the gate when your home will likely get the most attention...
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Parliament - the greatest Hungarian architectural creature
Budapest boasts a fantastic amount of beautiful and luxurious buildings, but one would may be cross your heart directly: Az Országház
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Culture in Bratislava
Whether you work, live or have a vacation in Bratislava, numerous possibilities are available to spend your time useful.
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How to sell your house?
From homestaging to choosing the right broker you have to be on the spot
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Exclusive restaurants in Prague
If you are thinking of visiting Prague, the first thing you should try is the amazing restaurants and bars.
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Where to live in Vienna? – Find your district
The pleasure of living in Vienna is not a question any more.
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How to take photos of your house
Either it is up for sale or rent, the best photos will sell it in no time
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Leisure time - alias why it is good to live in Prague?
Prague can absolutely provide much experience of all the culture, attractions, night life and programs.